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In the first-ever episode of the FLIPcast by the Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP), our hosts Noemie Alintissar-Mooney and Rocio Perez are joined by a very special member of the FLIP family, acclaimed lawyer Rajesh Sreenivasan, Head of Technology Media and Telecoms Practice at Rajah and Tann Asia.

Join us on this 4-part series with Rajesh as he draws on his experiences from Rajah and Tann’s innovation journey. Rajesh will share his candid thoughts on the innovation hype cycle and how that is changing market demands, the legal profession as a whole, and more importantly, how law firms and practitioners should embrace this wave of innovation.

Part 1: The Innovation Journey

Part 2: Era of Change and Disruption

Part 3: 'Essence' of a Lawyer and the Impact of Technology

Part 4: Market Response and the Lawyer's Mindset

Catch FLIPcast here:

Our hosts

Noemie Alintissar is a legal innovation & technology enthusiast and the Programme Manager of FLIP, industry-wide initiative to drive innovation and encourage the adoption and invention of new technology amongst law firms, legal departments ­­and legal tech startups to create a vibrant legal technology ecosystem in Singapore. Rocio Perez is the Innovation & KM Solutions Manager at Dentons Rodyk, where she encourages innovation and believes in empowering innovation journeys with confidence and mastery.

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