Lighten-Up Consulting


'Lighten-Up!' Consulting is a bespoke one-on-one package of consulting services to help selected small law firms become leaner, integrated and data-driven by helping them successfully adopt redesigned operational processes, supported by well-configured technology tools.

The consulting package was developed by the Future Law Innovation Programme in partnership with legal process re-engineering experts KorumLegal, in close consultation with industry stakeholders.

As part of the Singapore Academy of Law's Support Package amid COVID-19, FLIP are offering 40 slots for small firms to access our business re-engineering consultancy package. The three-month Lighten Up! programme is designed to make your processes and workflows more efficient and will be provided free of charge to selected firms.


Join our webinar on Thursday 14 May at 4.30pm to learn about our Lighten-Up! Consulting package. For event details and registration, click here.






What to expect?

  • Phase 1 - Diagnostic & Kick-Off
    As a first step, law firms will be required to undertake a self-diagnosis to establish their suitability for the project. Once accepted, we will work together to:

    • ​Determine the scope of your project / problem statement

    • Develop the mission statement of the business problem we’re trying to solve for your organisation

    • Meet with all relevant internal / external stakeholders to map-out your current state

    • Create the visual process map of your current state

    • Identify internal Change Champions

    • Help your organisation feel empowered as your team embarks on its transformation journey

  • Phase 2 - Optimisation
    Participating law firms will work closely with their dedicated Legal Technology Consultant who will customise the project for their specific needs:

    • Analysis and optimisation of current state

    • Process optimization:

      • Analyse and improve

      • Define & measure 

    • Development of bespoke KPIs and metrics tailored to business objectives

    • Top-down and bottom-up approaches to process design to:

      • Maximize value

      • Promote continuous improvement

From there, the Foundations of Change Management phase starts.

  • Phase 3 - Implementation
    The dedicated Legal Technology Consultant guides them along the process of re-engineering their operations, implementing and integrating new technology solutions to support these processes and training:

    • Technology implementation change protocol

    • Technology configuration blueprint

    • Data migration map

    • User Acceptance Testing

    • Process goes live!

    • Continuous improvement plan (protocol & metrics)

Each project will run for a maximum of 3 months and include:

  • 1-1 consulting support (up to 30 man-hours / law firm)

    • Diagnosis

    • Process Mapping

    • Process Optimisation

    • Change Management

    • Support for implementation & integration of solutions


This project will be very hands-on and will require the buy-in from senior decision-makers at the firm. Law firms will need to commit a minimum of 25-30 hours with our Legal Technology Consultants over the course of the project.