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Tech Demo Special: BriefBox – the software Bento Box for GCs

It’s easy these days to buy loads of Legal Tech promising great results - but it’s a lot harder to figure out the minimum number of tools able to provide the maximum utility for your Legal Department. BriefBox aims to do just that.

In our most recent Tech Demo session, co-founder of BriefBox Paul Lanzone shares the three core BriefBox modules and how this Legal Tech solution can help us accelerate towards ‘Legal 2.0’. Paul is also the Vice President of ASIA Legal and WW Transactions, Governance and Technology for DXC Technology.

Tell us about your solution.

BriefBox is a legal software "bento box" for GCs. It’s a legal department management software designed to take away key pain points for GCs and help departments collaborate more.

What is the key problem you are trying to solve?

The key problem we want to solve with BriefBox is focusing only on data. Currently, there are too many tools available, too much integration, and not enough actual utility for legal departments. By solving this problem, good data will be its byproduct.

How do you solve that? What technology do you use?

BriefBox is built by lawyers for lawyers. We concentrate on solving key pain points by providing useful tools, in one place.

Who are your target users/ customers?

Our target users are clients, who can be legal departments (of any size) and legal firms. BriefBox creates increased transparency inside these organizations, and between firms.

What are you looking for/ who are you trying to connect with?

BriefBox provides a solution for legal users who are looking for simpler legal tools that deliver. We are also looking to collaborate on our next set of product offerings so that we can continue to remove pain points for clients.

Are there similar products in the market? How is your solution different?

There are similar products, however they are often point solutions, where we are back to having many tools and complex integrations. Briefbox was designed to minimize the number of tools you need.

For more information on BriefBox’s complete procurement solution for GCs and legal service providers, visit their website at

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