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Merry Christmas & a toast to greater success in 2020!

Christmas has come and gone, but the festive magic is still in the air! We've had a rolling good time at our Christmas party with the FLIP Fam, giving thanks to all the wonderful friendships forged and celebrating the unimaginably great achievements by the Legal Tech community.

We also hear your wishes this coming New Year! From achieving greater success, another year of innovation, more surprises and adventures in the Legal sector, to... WORLD PEACE! We wouldn't expect less for 2020.

Can't wait to work even more closely with the #FLIPFam to make all these wishes and dreams turn into reality!

Are you in the Legal or Tech industry, and interested to be involved in LegalTech? Find out more about FLIPbySAL by downloading our Info Pack here.

About FLIP

The Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP) is an industry-wide initiative to drive innovation and encourage the adoption and invention of new technology amongst law firms, legal departments and legal tech startups, to create a vibrant legal technology ecosystem in Singapore. FLIP brings together stakeholders from business, government and academia to collaborate on developing new models for the delivery of legal services in the future economy.

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