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Meet Coach Eric

Introducing Eric Saint Andre, the coach of the #GLIDE programme who will be guiding our #GLIDErs on their innovation journey.

Eric Saint-Andre is the CEO & Innovation Architect of ASA Advisory Services Pte Ltd and the Founder of Augmented Tribe and will be working with our startups for the next couple of months!

The GLIDE accelerator programme will involve a combination of online and offline training and coaching including the following key components:

  • Onboarding and Foundational Sprint: a 4-hour dedicated workshop delivered to any new startup joining the Program. The startup is invited to invite the whole team and targeted stakeholders to make it effective

  • Digital project-based and action-learning via the Augmented Tribe platform where all teams will access all modules and activities they need to conduct as a team to progress on their journey

  • Ongoing coaching support with each startup having access to a dedicated coach to focus on topics or issues that matter the most to them. This will be primarily face to face or via video conferencing. This is also augmented via Augmented Tribe to facilitate communication (chat based) and submission of documents for review.

  • Monthly cohort-based clinics / webinars to allow facilitated discussions and peer learning across the cohort

So excited for what's in store!

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