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Engineering the Future of the Legal Industry

Updated: May 3, 2019

Legal engineering - bringing together solicitors and technologists

We are thrilled to have Paven Sharma here with us in the studio for this episode of FLIPCast, and even more excited to be talking about Legal Engineering! What is Legal Engineering, and how transformative are its effects on the legal industry as we know it today?

As the Managing Legal Engineer of Pinsent Mason who is both a graduate in law and a tech enthusiast, Paven is the perfect candidate to shed light on this niche expertise, one that connects both law firms' solicitors and technologists. Grab a coffee, sit in, and join the conversation!

Our host

Noemie Alintissar is a legal innovation & technology enthusiast and the Programme Manager of FLIP, industry-wide initiative to drive innovation and encourage the adoption and invention of new technology amongst law firms, legal departments ­­and legal tech startups to create a vibrant legal technology ecosystem in Singapore.

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