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The Key Benefits of Using a Practice Management System

A practice management system is one of the baseline technologies recommended by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) for all law firms. These baseline technologies are those that SAL deem critical for the running of a modern law firm, and also include office productivity suites, communications software and cybersecurity software.

So why are practice management systems seen as so vital for law firms today?

1) They help lawyers to collaborate. Practice management systems allow multiple firm members to access the same information easily, and work together on projects.

2) They help lawyers to become more efficient. No more spending time searching through piles of paper for a piece of information that has been misfiled. No more multiple-entry of data into several different systems.

3) They help lawyers to reduce their operating costs. Moving from a paper-based to a digital system can reduce operating costs by up to 66%. An easy way to save money!

4) They help lawyers to be more productive on the move. Lawyers cannot carry every paper files with them every time they visit a client, or go to court. However, with a practice management system and a smart device, they have all of their case details at their fingertips. This means that files can be updated in real time, and urgent client queries can be dealt with on the move.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be gained by using a practice management system. Embracing technology is not just about appearances – it can offer tangible ROI, enable lawyers to serve clients better and increase profits through greater efficiencies and reduced operating costs.

If you are interested in investing in technology but are not sure where to start, the ‘Lighten-Up!’ consulting package, managed by FLIP, would be a great place to start.

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