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Tech Demo Special: CaseRoom by Litigation Edge

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

In this month’s Tech Demo special, we had the minds at Litigation Edge, Asia’s Premier Litigation Support, Paper & Electronic Discovery Specialists, sharing with us their solution to help lawyers cut down the tedious hours spent on evidence review in everyday litigation cases.

If you missed our Tech Demo with Litigation Edge, here is a snapshot of how CaseRoom can help you and your law firm game-change the way evidence is managed.

What is CaseRoom?

CaseRoom is a low-cost, self-help e-Discovery service for everyday cases. It enables the realisation of better insights and maximum efficiency in evidence review and management of smaller or lower value cases. With CaseRoom, you can expect to:

  1. Harness the benefits of evidence in original native format

  2. Have access to the documents anytime and anywhere

  3. Enjoy huge cost savings through productivity gains

  4. Enhance ability to predict case budgets

  5. Augment human lawyering capabilities to:zoom in on highly relevant documents and identify smoking guns - zoom in on highly relevant documents - use data analytics to plan and execute evidence review strategies - undertake more cases and high value work with higher efficiency

  6. Reduce attrition rates from associate burnout

What is the problem CaseRoom is trying to solve?

Litigation lawyers who seek greater efficiency in their evidence management and review process often find solutions that are not cost-effective across the type of cases they take on. The pricing model of most Discovery platforms target high value, high volume cases, placing it out of reach for small volume, lower value cases.

How do you solve that? What technology is CaseRoom powered by?

We address this problem with our subscription model, making the efficiencies and benefits of Discovery platforms available for everyday cases, big or small. This helps law firms manage costs, take on more work, and reduce the attrition rates of associates.

With CaseRoom, lawyers are able to review evidence electronically at a much faster rate than is possible by physical review. The tech powering it is Venio, which enables powerful search functionalities, as well as the option for the expedited preparation of document lists and bundles which is fully automated.

Other useful features for disputes teams include: Automated OCR (making images searchable); De-duplication (identifying duplicates); Full text and Boolean keyword searches; Electronic sticky flags (tagging); Electronic redaction; Culling by time, document types, senders and recipients; Automated 2-day turnaround for preparation of document lists and bundles.

For more information on Litigation Edge, visit their website at

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