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Singapore Computer Society : Ahead in the Cloud

In this series by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS), multiple industry experts explain why businesses should embrace the Cloud, and share key tips and tricks for a smooth transition.

For more videos by the SCS, check out and subscribe to the SCS YouTube Channel.

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Ahead in the Cloud' beautifully highlights the innovative strides Singapore is making in cloud technology. It's inspiring to see how they're embracing the future. On another note, for students seeking academic support, 'Pay for Assignments UK' offers reliable assistance, ensuring quality work and peace of mind. Keep shining, Singapore!


Half and half where some basic applications are on a private cloud, and non-basic applications are on a public cloud.


Kate Merry
Kate Merry
Nov 06, 2020

The main class where Hong Kong surveyed generally ineffectively was in green approach and manageability, at 4.8. This was a hodgepodge for all countries, with New Zealand coming out.

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