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GLIDErs Spotlight - Evan Wong from Checkbox

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Being new to any market can be daunting for emerging startups. Checkbox made their journey a little easier by enrolling into our GLIDE programme. Let's hear from him how it has helped Checkbox achieve some momentum in Asia!

What's GLIDE? Global Legal Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship (GLIDE) is the National LegalTech Accelerator Programme in Singapore connecting high-growth LegalTech entrepreneurs with Law Firms, Law Schools and legal industry professionals to revolutionise Asia's legal industry.

What did you hope to achieve from GLIDE?

"We were new to the market and GLIDE provided the best launch pad to quickly learn about the market and build a network. I hoped to learn about the different players and learn as much as I could about the current state of legal innovation and legaltech, particularly from prospective customers, and I definitely was able to achieve that through GLIDE!"

Share 1 most memorable experience from GLIDE that changed your LegalTech journey.

"GLIDE has been great. The team has shown a genuine care in the success of the GLIDERs and have been supportive in any way they can. Cop out answer but the experience as a whole changed our LegalTech journey and I honestly cannot pinpoint a single moment."

How did GLIDE help you get closer to your end goal?

"The most useful part of the GLIDE programme by far was the network. The ability to come into a new market and be told who is who and be connected allowed me to learn rapidly about the market and the community. These connections have since led to real commercial opportunities in a very short amount of time!"

What's next for Checkbox?

"The end goal is to sign on enough customers in Singapore so that we can continue to invest further into this market. What’s next? Keep doing what we’re already doing which is building as many trusted relationships as possible and exciting our clients with our technology and ability to execute. Everyone will know Checkbox."

Checkbox will be part of the GLIDE Demo Night pitch on 16th January, Thursday. For more information, visit our events page at

Interested to meet Checkbox? Submit your details here, and they will reach out to you!

For more information on GLIDE, visit Apply to be a part of the next GLIDE cohort at

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