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GLIDErs Spotlight - Alin Bui from Anduin Transactions

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Alin Bui from Anduin Transactions dived into GLIDE with specific goals, and achieved so much more out of the programme through learning from both mentors and other GLIDErs. Discover how he journeyed through these three months of GLIDE!

What's GLIDE? Global Legal Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship (GLIDE) is the National LegalTech Accelerator Programme in Singapore connecting high-growth LegalTech entrepreneurs with Law Firms, Law Schools and legal industry professionals to revolutionise Asia's legal industry.

What did you hope to achieve from GLIDE?

"We signed up for GLIDE seeking some help on better understanding lawyers' daily workflows and dynamics. We also hoped to connect with the SAL network, and sought to learn sales and other disciplines' best practices from mentors and other GLIDE members."

Share 1 most memorable experience from GLIDE that changed your LegalTech journey.

"Monthly GLIDE startups meetings helped us to understand how other LegalTech firms approached sales, marketing and product. It was also very helpful to us to hear how mentors and other founders' resolved some common industry challenges."

How did GLIDE help you get closer to your end goal?

"Participating in the GLIDE program has definitely given us an advantage in the industry.

The GLIDE mentors helped us to validate our hypothesis more rapidly than we could have ever imagined. We were able to connect with other industry players, legal professionals, and entrepreneurs which helped us to discover new ways to market, particularly to the legal industry. Additionally, we gathered some very valuable feedback on our solutions."

What's next for Anduin Transactions?

"After gathering enlightening feedback and collaborating with GLIDE mentors and legal professionals we met through the programme, we’ll begin piloting our solutions with a selection of lawyers."

Anduin Transactions will be part of the GLIDE Demo Night pitch on 16th January, Thursday. For more information, visit our events page at

Interested to meet Anduin Transactions? Submit your details here, and they will reach out to you!

For more information on GLIDE, visit Apply to be a part of the next GLIDE cohort at

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