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#FLIPFam Updates: Singtel launches 'Lawra'!

Last year, apart from co-organising the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 with TeamFLIP, Singtel also participated in FLIP's Design Thinking Workshop which offers an immersive learning experience in Legal Design to legal professionals.

TeamFLIP and Singtel Group Legal at the Design Thinking Workshop
TeamFLIP and the Singtel team with judges and participants of the Global Legal Hackathon 2019.

Singtel Legal has since launched their home-grown chatbot, 'Lawra'!

Launched in December 2019 on Singtel's intranet, Lawra was created by Singtel Group IT in collaboration with Singtel's Legal Technology Team. Though she is not designed to provide formal legal advice, Lawra is trained to answer legal process-related questions and direct employees to the right resources.

Singtel will mine and analyse all data from Lawra’s usage to improve her performance and to identify areas on which to step up training, making Lawra better with continued use and time!

Big congratulations Singtel, Lawra's addition is a great example of Singtel Group Legal's commitment towards digitalisation!

Interested to learn about Design Thinking for your team? Find out more about FLIP's Design Thinking Workshop here.

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