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FLIP Demo Presents: Tessian (A.I. based email security platform)

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

We all know that feeling. The anxiety and the palpitation that hits right after you realise you’ve just sent an email to the wrong person! It happens to the best of us. Sure, it’s embarrassing. But if your email contains sensitive information, it could result in serious consequences to your business. In 2017 alone, misaddressed emails were the biggest form of data loss as reported by the UK Information Commissioner's Office.

In this edition of FLIP Tech Demo Special, we had the pleasure of having Chris Mansfield from Tessian, sharing with us their solution to help businesses prevent sensitive information from being emailed out to the wrong people, or by deliberate unauthorized acts. Here’s what we got from Chris, who spoke about Tessian’s groundbreaking solution in this brown bag session.

Tell us about your solution.

Tessian uses machine learning (A.I.) to automatically prevent data breaches, non-compliance, and human error over email networks, in order to secure enterprises and keep sensitive data and systems safe. This does not require any pre-defined rules or end-user behaviour change. Hence, it is easy to on-board and only takes a few hours to install.

How do you solve that? What technology do you use?

Tessian uses historical analysis to build the relationship graph

Tessian uses A.I. to understand typical behaviour and sending patterns of each individual employee. This continual machine learning and end-user analysis can be used to identify anomalies, things that are statistically different from the norm in real time.

Who are your target users/ customers?

Organisations in all sectors are our target users, as everyone sends emails! However, we reach out primarily to legal and financial services due to the sensitivity of data in these industries.

What are you looking for and who are you trying to connect with?

We hope our technology reaches out to senior business and technology representatives from the world’s biggest enterprises, right down to any firm with at least 100 employees.

Are there any similar products in the market? If yes, how is your solution different?

We are currently the only machine learning platform to solve data security risks posed by in and outbound emails. Traditionally, the approach to tackle these risks has been to use rules-based techniques – inadequate systems that overload employees with unintelligent warning messages if there was an unknown external email. These rules (a) require manual creation, (b) miss the majority of the nuances of human communication, (c) become out-of-date very quickly and (d) are often irritating to end users. Hence, Tessian makes it easy for organisations to protect their emails, data and ultimately, their clients.

For more information on Tessian’s maching learning platforms, visit their website at

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