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The FLIP Programme

Join our 12-month immersive innovation experience and gain exclusive access to innovation training, resources and collaboration opportunities from FLIP and our partners. We have designed three tracks to support you along your innovation journey:

Track 1: ‘Lighten-Up!’ - Dedicated for law firms who want to modernise their practice and need to build capacity for innovation. Find-out about the 'Lighten-Up! Consulting' package here.


Track 2: ‘Ideate!’ - Dedicated for law firms and in-house legal teams who want to explore new ways of delivering legal services i.e. new revenue streams, new business models, new solutions. Find-out about our Innovation in Action! workshop here.


Track 3: ‘Accelerate!’ - Designed to help new ventures commercialise and scale their businesses, in Singapore and beyond!


For each track, you can expect regular activities such as:


Open House (once a month) – Every month, The Legal Innovation Lab @ Found 8 open its doors to lawyers, geeks (and everyone in between!) to talk about innovation & technology in the legal world. These are public events and a great way to meet a wide range of interesting people. The format varies e.g. talks, panel discussions, speed-networking, etc.


Tech Demos – We regularly invite technical experts to take the stage and help the FLIP community demystify the latest technological trends and their impact on the legal industry.


Workshops – Based on the track you’ve joined, you will be able to attend FLIP members-only workshops. These are usually small, collaborative learning sessions where you pick up really practical knowledge and insights from each other that can be applied to your business right away.


Other Events – We organise ad-hoc events such as hackathons, tech festivals, pitching competitions, happy hours, etc. Keep an eye out for these on the Events page. ​



6-month immersive innovation experience

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