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Thread Legal

1) Tell us about your solution:

Thread Legal is an innovative practice management solution built on Microsoft Office 365 and hosted on Azure. It is intuitive and enables future focused lawyers, both in-house and in private practice, to save time and increase productivity. It seamlessly leverages the best aspects of O365 to allow lawyers manage files, appointments, workflow, time recording, billing and expenses all from one integrated platform. It offers lawyers flexibility to work on the move, on mobile devices or laptops.

2) What's the problem you're trying to solve? 

Legal professionals spend too much of their day on administrative work rather than client focused work. Administrative work while essential is time-consuming and often repetitive.

3) How do you solve this problem?

Thread Legal adjusts this workday imbalance by automating the process of law, leaving lawyers free to focus on high value work and increase work efficiency. Thread Legal offers lawyers flexibility and ensures they are always up to date and meeting the demands of their practice.

4) Who are your target users/customers? 

  • Law Firms / Practising Lawyers

  • In-House Legal Departments

  • SMEs / Startups

Member Since:

July 2018

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