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For many, the mundane business of running a professional services firm, together with seeing to the need for capacity-building for value work and client-servicing, can be as tricky as the practice of the profession itself. Busy professionals having to do all of these may find that thinking can be conflicted, and validating business decisions can get to be a lot of what you do. PFPL makes the case for outsourcing to us the back-end office functions of firms whilst professionals focus on the delivery of service and quality to clients. We administer the following supporting aspects of your practice: Legal Process Outsourcing and Paralegal Support Administration, Finance and Accounts Premises Talent Resource and Secretarial Support Corporate Training & Seminars Marketing and Corporate Branding IT Infrastructure Services and Support Knowledge Management Together with supporting the back-end of professional firms, PFPL further manages these firms to form a close and trusted working affiliation. This serves as a collaborative and capacity-building platform that is competitive and focused on efficient delivery on complex multi-faceted work even as it creates value for each participating firm. We call this PF Advisory.

Member Since:

January 2018

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