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1) Tell us about your solution:

DraftFAB allows legal service providers and businesses to generate customisable, top-quality legal documents in a simple manner through a secure, white-label assembly portal that can be deployed on cloud or on premise. Accessible on the go, business units or clients can follow a pre-defined set of questions and answers built into Smart Forms, customised to your organisational needs, to create documents or route crucial transaction information within the organisation.

HashFAB allows businesses to store their work documents and data securely and make an immutable record of file contents and access on blockchain. The platform can also be deployed to collaborate and sign an agreement with a third party and monitor subsequent events related to the agreement.

2) What's the problem you're trying to solve? 

LegalFAB aims to revolutionise the delivery of legal services and the way businesses transact.


3) How do you solve this problem?

Our solutions are used by both law firms and businesses to streamline the drafting process, enhance collaboration, and better manage transaction workflow on a distributed ledger platform. In 2018, LegalFAB won the TechLaw.Fest Hackathon organised by the Singapore Academy of Law and Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore with its leading digital signature blockchain solution.


4) Who are your target users/customers? 

  • Law Firms / Practising Lawyers

  • In-House Legal Departments

  • Corporates

  • SMEs / Startups

  • Public / Government Agencies

  • Members of the public

Member Since:

July 2018

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