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Korum Legal

1) Tell us about your solution:

KorumLegal provides highly tailored innovative legal solutions which ranges from secondments, legal process management to LegalTech solutions.

2) What's the problem you're trying to solve? 

Up until recently, the legal services industry has seen little disruption or innovation. Traditional legal solutions were, and to large extent still are, (i) expensive, (ii) inaccessible and (iii) complex. At KorumLegal, we seek to present our clients with flexible, innovative, smart and value-driven solutions. Rather than time input which the traditional legal services space has been used to, we focus on value output. We are not constrained by the traditional partnership model of OldLaw. We are a law company focused on legal solutions delivery.

3) How do you solve this problem?

Our extended range of solutions across People, Process and Technology is our key differentiator. We utilise Lean management principles, Six Sigma and other efficiency processes to unlock capacity and underutilised capabilities. The KorumLegal consultants can sit with the client or they can work remotely, depending on client needs or budget. For example, we had a senior consultant from Hong Kong work remotely in Canada for a few months for a London-based client, supporting the client with its Asia legal operations. This was enabled by technology and a flexible mindset of both client and consultant.

4) Who are your target users/customers? 

  • Law Firms / Practising Lawyers

  • In-House Legal Departments

  • Corporates

  • SMEs / Startups

Member Since:

January 2018

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