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Farallon Law

Farallon Law is a full service boutique law firm that aims to provide customised and astute legal solutions to small and medium companies as well as to individuals. We aim to be as practical, responsive and effective as possible. When you engage us, you get full access to a team of professionals who will advise you and deal with you directly without the use of any intermediaries. Your issue becomes our issue and we do our utmost to resolve the issue. Our lawyers have impeccable, internationally recognised credentials. We are qualified and have been educated in various jurisdictions, including, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.

We joined FLIP as we are convinced that a tech revolution is transforming the way legal services are delivered. We are and aim to continue to be part of this revolution so as to continue to enhance the quality and speed in which we deliver legal solutions.

Member Since:

January 2018

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