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Business counsel. Intellectual property and entertainment lawyers: Consigclear LLC is the Singapore law firm that aims to be the consigliere, or counsellor and trusted advisor, to companies that do not have their own full-time, in-house counsel, in particular, amongst the game, media and entertainment community. Founded by Adrian Kwong, the former Vice President and General Counsel for Asia, Africa and the Middle East for a Fortune 500 company, Consigclear offers flexible and cost-effective access to almost two decades of legal experience gained in both a global game company and in top Singapore law firms.


"The pioneer FLIP sign up came along at an interesting time when I was just starting out my own firm and FLIP was starting out as well. And I figured, coming from me when I had no clients and no legacy systems, it was a chance to leapfrog to see what other people out there were doing. Maybe, drag myself into what the legal practice is today, and also for the future."

Member Since:

January 2018

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